Case Study 5 (Tools Niche) Increase Revenue by 25% & 60,000+ Monthly Traffic (5 Months)

Case Study 5 (Tools Niche): Increase Revenue by 25% & 60,000+ Monthly Traffic (5 Months)

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This is a website in the home niche and is one in my portfolio. The site already had over 3000 daily page views across 4 Silo’s but we wanted to test a new more low-competition topical SILO that we noticed after analysing google search console.

After creating a test batch of articles and closely monitoring the results we realised we could EASILY outrank our competition by covering the topic in more detail and out optimise them by interlinking posts in a more efficient way.

This led to an explosion in traffic and a month-on-month 30% increase in page views and a 25% increase in overall revenue.

Traffic Growth – 60,000+ additional Monthly Sessions in less than 5 months.

Revenue Growth – 25% increase

Main Objectives:

Increase organic sessions by creating TOPICALLY relevant articles and interlinking them to main pillar posts. This approach focused primarily on informational content with a listicle-type layout.

We also performed an in-depth analysis of our competition to outrank the lower competition keywords first as we built traction. This ensured we could compete for higher competition keywords as we proved to google our relevancy through topical clusters.

Easy Win for this tool website niche

Easy Wins:

Increased income by optimising informational content we found through investigating what we already rank for in google search console

Continued Growth Strategy:

We intend to reinvest revenue into building out the topical silo even more. We will look to maximise all of the keywords in this silo before we move to another one.

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