Case Study 3 (Outdoor Niche) 82% Revenue Growth in 90 Days

Case Study 3 (Outdoor Niche): 82% Revenue Growth in 90 Days


This is a website in the outdoors niche. The site owner already had a scalable campaign sending quality social traffic but wanted to diversify traffic further by increasing its organic reach. The goal was to perform in-depth on-page SEO for existing posts while simultaneously targeting low keyword difficulty but medium to high search volume keywords.

Traffic Growth – 61,000 Monthly Sessions to 111,000 Daily sessions (82% Growth in 90 days)

Revenue Growth – 82% increase

Main Objectives:

We increased organic sessions by focusing on the posts that ranked within google SERPS already, but not on Page 1. As the website had a wide variety of traffic coming in from socials, we adapted some posts to make them more SEO friendly.

We also performed an in-depth content audit and trimmed posts that did not meet our strict criteria. Lastly, we built out new content clusters and focused on quality as opposed to quantity.

grow website traffic outdoor niche case study 3

Easy Wins:

Diversified income by using Amazon One Link and added an auto video player to increase RPM’s.

Started an email subscription to build a quality niche relevant list.

Continued Growth Strategy:

We intend to reinvest revenue into more content and build out powerful content silos with smart internal linking strategies. We also will be investing heavily in HARO link building strategies to diversity the backlink profile.

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